What literature has taught me about the effects of racism


Racism has had so many effects on humanity. For example, in Indian Horse, Saul was called names, they were made fun of, but all he did was keep quiet. That anger grew and grew and grew in him just like a tumour. It exploded when her couldn’t’ take it any longer. The poison took over his body with bitterness. He turned to alcohol to cope. He ended up in the hospital where he recovered. He finally recognized that he could only move on, if he remembered. In the poem “What do You Remember of the Evacuation”, the girl was ashamed to be Japanese because the spat at her and told her things that made her believe that. Racism creates boundaries and limits between people. However, if you think about it we are all human and we are all different which is what makes us unique.  Overall, I think that racism is everywhere and no matter, we need to accept other but also ourselves and not let others change who we are meant to be.



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