This Chopan can Certainly Chop some Delicious Food

This Chopan Can Certainly Chop Some Delicious Food

Afghan Chopan is a restaurant that introduces you to Afghan culture and establish many unforgettable memories. The moment you enter, you are introduced into a whole new world as the courteous servers greet you inside and find you a place to dine. The atmosphere has a very traditional vibe and the intricate handmade carpet art expresses the Afghan culture. Afghan Chopan has two types of sitting areas. One with comfortable chairs and tables for smaller groups that enjoy the western way of dining and another for more of a traditional way which in a carpeted area where you eat on top of cushions called “toshaks” for larger families or groups. While waiting to be served, you can hear the chattering voices of people, the swooshing sound of the mini waterfall, the soft music in the background, and the clinking of dishes in the kitchen. Feeling excited for the delightful smells of the freshly grounded spices, well seasoned cooking meat, and the fresh naan bread reaches my nostrils. In no time, you will be eating like a king. The chemistry of the deep-fried Sultana raisins and sweet carrots with the salty, tender beef shank and aromatic basmati rice satisfies the taste buds like never before. The most refreshing, summer drink on their menu includes the dough (don’t worry that is how it’s spelled – It’s the name of the drink) which is a yogurt drink made with cucumbers, mint, and salt. However, they also have a drink for the winter time called sheer chai which is milk and tea with cardamom and sugar. Holding the warm china cup, my cold hands slowly defrost. With that being said let’s just say they have a drink for any time of the season. After a delectable meal with such an affordable price, my family agreed that this will be somewhere where we will surely come back for again. Even though I am Afghan, I haven’t gone to Afghanistan but I surely know what to expect when I do.  It may not be a typical, everyday restaurant but it’s definitely worthy to be on your list of ‘go to’ restaurants.


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