What it means to be human…

Humans want to communicate

Humans have/need a dream

Humans have a desire to help others

Humans seek happiness

Humans need friends/ Humans need companions

Humans want to learn/ seek knowledge

Humans need to express their emotions

Humans can be ignorant and should be more aware

Humans are violent

Humans fight for what they believe in

Humans have conflict/ war

Humans prevail despite conflict

Humans may abuse power

Humans evolve

Humans want to be remembered because most like recognition

Humans disagree

Humans may be discriminatory/ racist

Humans like to make our lives easier

Humans like to help and fight against perceived injustice

Humans are curious and seek knowledge

In the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, I learned that you won’t learn from your mistakes until something bad happens to the person himself/herself. This book is about a boy named Bruno, who’s father works with the Nazis. They move to another house which is near a concentration camp because of his fathers job. Young Bruno doesn’t know that his father is a murderer and doesn’t understand the reason why Jewish people are in camps. One day when he leaves the house and goes into the woods he finds himself outside a camp surrounded by fences. Secretly he makes a Jewish friend on the other side of the fence named Shmuel. Both of them not understanding the purpose of the camp, they dig a hole under the fence so that Bruno can help find Shmuel’s dad in the camp. Bruno get dressed in the striped pyjamas and start to look for Shmuel’s dad, but they are taken to a big gas chamber with other Jews. When Bruno’s father finds out that he is not home, he sends his people out to look for him. By the time they find Bruno’s clothes by the camp, Bruno and the prisoners are dying in the gas chamber. This taught me that humans can be very ignorant and violent until the same event happens to the person than caused that event to occur. Humans also shouldn’t think that one is better than another because we are all humans no matter what our ethnicity, race, religion, etc… is.


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