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My Digital Footprint Assignment



Someone’s digital footprint may affect their future opportunities like their job. Like when they’re going for a job interview, the manager or who ever is going to interview that person may find things online that he or she may not like. Which means that the person is going to be left without a job. Someone’s footprint may also affect them when they are going to university or college. For example when the university or college looks up that person online and see who that person is actually like, they may not accept him/her.


Job Interview
Simon Fraser University


To keep our footprint safe we need to post appropriate photos of ourselves and others when we are on social media. Another way to keep our footprint clean is by not commenting or saying things that is appropriate and may hurt others feeling. Like gossip or any other factors that may affect your future to collapse. The last way to keep and have a strong footprint is by not giving out too much information about yourself. For example don’t give your e-mail on untrusted websites, you house address, your phone number and even your school name to people you don’t know very well.

Digital Footprint
Social Media


I learned that we need to keep personal information off the internet. That our footprint affects our future. And we should create a good and safe footprint than a bad one. I could give these tips to people by making a video, doing something closer to this assignment then posting it to my blog, even make posters and hang them around the school or by just simply telling people around me.

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