ARC 2 Check

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Blue Hawk Mine Kelowna, BC Canada  Image result for blue hawk mine



  1. Type in the code from the previous location (not needed for first site)

  1. In BC’s agriculture, forestry,hunting, and fishing industry what is the most money maker?

a) support activities for agriculture and forestry

b) crop and animal production

c) forestry and logging

d) fishing hunting and trapping


  1. What is not a major resource in BC

a) fishing

b) forestry

c) copper

d) diamonds


  1. What is the least money making industry in BC?

a) agriculture, fishing, hunting and forestry

b) mining and oil and gas extraction


  1. BC made __________ GDP in the year of 2015 by all industries

a) 209,154



d) 209,153


  1. How many major natural resources does bc have (hint: did it as a class)

a) 9

b) 3

c) 4

d) 6


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One thought on “ARC 2 Check

  1. The first three questions are excellent. With BC’s GDP, I’d make the answer very clear. In other words, if the quiz taker knows that BC’s GDP is in the $200 billion range, that should be good enough. Don’t forget that you need to add those six 0’s to the GDP number.

    For the last one, it’s a bit arguable as to what the major natural industries are. How about a question about what is mined at Blue Hawk or even the ranking of BC’s GDP compared to other provinces. You could also ask about the non-resource industries in BC (retail, construction, etc.).

    Looking good!

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