Topography Multiple Choice Questions Check

Arctic                      Sabrina, Ainsley, Alex
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  1. Which one of these is  in the arctic region?

a) River Valleys

b) Coastal Fjords

c) Plateaus

d) Fold Mountains

  1. In which province/territory can the arctic region be found?

a) Saskatchewan

b) Nunavut

c) Alberta

d) Nova Scotia

  1. The Innuitian mountains are similar to…

a) The Rocky Mountains

b) Columbia Mountains

c)  The Appalachians

d) North Cascades

  1. What is a profitable resource industry in the Arctic region

a) Oil

b) Diamond mining

c) Fishing

  1. What are fold mountains formed by?

a) Sedimentary rock

b) Mountains that fold in on each other

c) Rolling hills

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One thought on “Topography Multiple Choice Questions Check

  1. These are good questions. The only one I would change is #4 about the resources because our next section will focus on that. Remember that this part should focus on the topography of the region.

    Just go through the other questions you’ve made so far and make sure they stay focused on the topography. You’re on the right track!

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