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Define & discover:

To define the problem to start with, i had to ask a few questions. How much energy does the average household use? Now obviously I don’t have access to my houses hydro bills so I based it off of averages. Now the average household consumes around 900 kWh per month according to bc hydro. Also the average cost of said electricity bill is 306$ a month. Knowing this information I can define that the problem is how exactly are we gonna cut down electricity uses while also cutting down costs.

I went on a hunt. I discovered how much energy certain technology uses, and thought about what really seemed like the easiest to change that could cut down costs.


Now I moved onto the dream step. Lightbulbs were the first thing that came to mind when I thought of. Now I thought originally that Replacing all lights in the house with cfl lights would  but good, but that’s not the most efficient. LED lamps can last over 1000 days, though they cost more. I also found out about something called a solar oven on my research.

Now during the summer, instead of using an oven, we could design a solar over to heat food. It can also cut down on microwave usage and be completely cost efficient (except for the fact that it would need to be sunny for it to work).

Now so far, the only thing is we have to increase energy efficiency in the house are the solar oven and the replaced lightbulbs, but is there anything else we could do? I know exactly what else we could do. Solar water heating.

Now what we could do is build a solar water heater so that homes are heated by the sun. Now a solar water heater sounds good in theory, but solar energy doesn’t function as well during darker months i.e winter months. Now you may think a solar heater is pointless, but its not, it still would cut down energy usage because you would be using less electric heating then on average.


Here’s a chart to represent how much money and energy would be saved.

Item: LED lights                  Solar oven    Solar water heater
Energy usage:  10w                     0w                            0w
Cost: Costs 8$             Costs 6-100$         8000$ and higher
Savings (energy & money): Cut down energy usage from 60w to 10w. costs less money and lasts 1000 days. Cuts down monthy oven usage costs (from 13.72 a month)  Cut down 317$ to 160$ annually



for this step i drew up a crude but effective plan sheet for how i would execute this.

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