Golding vs Rousseau

Golding vs Rousseau



William Golding was right, and that men are born evil and with laws and policies only then will they be civilized. In the website titled Was prehistoric man responsible for first ever war crime? , by Sarah Knapton,  Taken from the reinforces that argument. For instance, the article states that German archeologist have found a mass grave, filled with 26 people, that dates back 4000 BCE during the early Neolithic era. The bodies found in the grave showed signs of torture; the humans were possibly mutilate before and after their untimely deaths. In the article it states that “Although mass graves have been found before from the stone age, it is the first time that skeletons have shown evidence of needless violence” ( The humans that were responsible for the massacre had no reason to mutilate and/or torture the bodies before or after their deaths, yet they still went ahead and did it. Furthermore, the archeologist that worked in the death pit have stated that each of the bodies found in the death pit had a common theme: each of the bodies bone’s in their lower half have been broken. In addition, the site also had arrowheads near the bodies . The fractured bones shows signs that the killers might have used clubs or other blunt weapons, whereas the arrowheads ,and the wounds caused by it, might’ve been from bowmen that were most likely a part of the killers. In the article it states that “for the first time there was evidence of deliberate and systematic smashing of the lower leg bones of a number of individuals” ( The fact that there was evidence of systematic violence in early humans shows that violence really is natural in our behavior. The article shows us that, as a species, violence comes to us naturally as learning a language. The concept of warfare has been with us since before documented history and will continue to be with us in the future. Golding was right, people are violent and that laws and policies are needed to keep us civilized .

Knapton, Sarah. “Was Prehistoric Man Responsible for First Ever War Crime?” The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, 17 Aug. 2015. Web. 08 June 2017.

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When I was younger, winter was always an exciting season for someone my age because of all the fun activities you could do with snow. The most popular thing my friends and I did when it snowed was to make snow forts and have a big snowball fight. One day while my friends and I were in the middle of building a fort and group of kids we did not know came to us. They asked us if they could play with us in the snowball fight. Of course we said yes because we knew that the more people join the bigger and better the snowball fight would be. As we were playing the group of kids started to play unfairly. They would use their sleds as shields, making it impossible to get them out of the game. Me and my friends got mad and told them to stop, but they did not listen and continued anyway. Tension grew and a fight broke out. What was supposed to be a fun snowball fight ended up being a lawless brawl.