Wonder Project Final Blog Post

Is it Possible to Stimulate Brain Cell Growth in Adults? If so What are the Most Effective Ways? My Conclusion to my Wonder Project Research Presentation  A Short Essay About What I Discovered (the PowerPoint does not well explain it) (there is a chance there is no preview, click download and it should work)

Biotechnology Solution Fluency

Should Humans be Given the Power to Edit the DNA of an Entire Species? Ted Talk – video *** for some items in this post it says there is no preview. Tap to open it and it should work.*** PowerPoint Script Planing Templates (Bibliography in the documents above) Debrief This project went well, we were […]

Wonder Project Blog Post #1

As an Adult, is it Possible to Stimulate Brain Cell Growth? If so What are the Most Efficient Ways? https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/,  https://www.flickr.com/photos/wyi/2125479161/in/photolist-4ePCUr-2vfT-5sJtu-zBV5J-3BypN-ddMgVE-7YHGGV-9BZc9m-9S33D-rU4aM4-2R8if-RXUbR6-Q1QU-8BAip-JCWP-prjs9U-zrJB6-acg5vF-dpBpiw-cwutKh-4AEyD1-21F4fRb-5xaWQY-6Zt6gq-4AAh8Z-21F4fvS-62xXUc-7UuP8y-6a92EV-nZ6RGY-o3EVhm-b21V1-dnzABS-q7EWou-mkDJyH-pABxg8-qJayHd-3MZj-48Cghg-ajCrNA-6YWvxA-21b3JX9-7hdE1o-bgGqFr-Jvcm92-doDHZX-99GUtH-8g1MY-fqVcWs-aAukJ3 This question is significant to me because, I am interested in the human brain, growing brain cells could be a huge advancement in the field of neuroscience. Since neuroscience is something I am considering […]