Shrinky Art – Scale Math Lab

(Above – Before being baked) (Bellow – After) The result The resulting image was smaller but, not by much. The shape has been warped, only in the transparent area. It seams as though the plastic turned white and was no longer transparent once baked. ——— My flower shrunk by only 8%, not the 30% it […]

Semester One Reflection

Perspective on Semester One In semester one I really started to understand the subject matter better then I did last year. I did good in the polynomials sectition, I found it just made sense  and having the visual help with the blocks was very helpful for the adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing. Finding the square […]

The importance of your digital footprint.

A digital footprint. SWAY by RSmid Bibliographie Dmitry baranovskiy Alexander supertramp Jacqui Jason Howie Gavin Lienwellyn Ray_LAC