A Fraction as an Exponent

When you see a question and attached to the base is an exponent, but not just any exponent, the exponent is a fraction, you don’t just solve it like any other exponent. Normally every exponent will have a denominator of 1, but the one is invisible, like how an exponent of simply one is invisible. When the denominator is a number other than one it becomes the index of a radical.


Step 1: figure out which number is the base, which is the exponent, and which will become the index.

Step 2: write as a radical.

Step 3: chose to first use the exponent or the radical. Ie. Will you root or will you square/cube/etc…

Step 4: do whichever step you did not do before. Ie. If you rooted first square/cube/etc…

Example #1:

Example #2

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