About Me

My About Me Page is all about me. It shows my growth and expiriences at Riverside Secondary. 


  1. I like the outdoors, I enjoy anything adventurous outdoors. Some of the things I have done: fishing, white water river rafting, zip lining, camping, snow camping, etc…
  2. Books, I love to read. I keep track of all my books and they are arranged in alphabetical order on my shelf.
  3. I love to learn new things that are relevant to the world around me.


My favorit quote

(photo by: Rachel Smid, quote: unknown)

photos I like (that I took)

Hi, as you may have seen above I enjoy photography. It is one of my favorite ways to express myself in an art form. I prefer to take photos of nature, but if I see something that might make a good picture I will take that opportunity for a new photo. I also enjoy reading and school.

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