Science 10 – Astronomy Wonder Project

How do stars affect the universe and could it function without them? 

Stars. They’re so bright, beautiful, and mysterious. I feel that mostly everything in life has a purpose, some sort of meaning in the grand scheme of the universe and is needed for things to work. So I wonder if stars are useful for the universe to function or if they are like wasps and have literally no meaning. Considering that the sun is a star, we already know that stars have a huge impact on our survival. The sun is crucial to the well being of humans and our planet as a whole. The sun keeps everything we know alive. Our planet couldn’t exist without the sun. Within a good 24 hours without it all plants would start to die and everything would slowly start to freeze. It would be impossible for humanity to preserve through it. But the sun doesn’t only heat and light up the world, the sun keeps the earth in orbit and without it we would go flying into the depths of space infinitely.

That basically answers my question but I want to look deeper into what impact stars have on the universe. Is the earths survival the only reason for stars to exist? No that doesn’t sound right. Well at the end of a stars lifespan a nebula occurs. A nebula is the explosion from a dying star, or a star beginning to form. Its a big cloud of gas in space to be blunt. Nebulae play an important role in the chemical evolution of the galaxy. They return material to the interstellar medium, such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and calcium. These nebula could be our key to observing other galaxies as they are the only observable objects that we can view to get useful information about chemical abundances in other galaxy.

An image of the Carina Nebula, which appears as pink curtains of dust in space.

In this image of the Carina Nebula, you can spot tiny yellow and white dots inside pink dust clouds. Those tiny dots are newly-formed stars! Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Colorado

More precisely, why is the inward-directed force of gravity so perfectly balanced by the outward-directed force of material pressure?


One question that people in the space research field have when it comes to the relationship between sun and earth is “why is the inward-directed force of gravity so perfectly balanced by the outward-directed force of material pressure?” Well pressure comes from the quick movements created by atoms and molecules and that keeps the gravity in check. I feel that stars could be a key factor when it comes to figuring out the creating of earth, gravity, the expansion of the universe, and just space as a whole to honest.

To wrap it all up, starts have a direct and significant affect on our survival and the universe as a whole in a small degree, or according to what we know. But I think there could be more out there when it comes to solving the mystery of stars and space entirely.

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  1. I like how you had a strong beginning middle and conclusion, and that you really looked deeper into the topic and asked other questions within your main one.

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