English 10 

Narrative Essay 

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Learning involves recognizing the consequences of one’s actions.

I’m proud that I didn’t have many grammatical or spelling errors in my essay.

I need to improve on my imagery and story telling.



We had climbed the school building multiple times before, and it’s always been a lot of fun. The way you can peer into the school through the thick glass panels on the roof, or the lights from houses and cars that light everything up, from the school to the river by house, all the way down the street. It’s a beautiful sight and just a perfect environment to chill out and tell life stories with the boys. 

We were practicing our tricks in the middle school’s parking lot when my friend had to go. That left just the two of us, and we got bored with flat ground as today wasn’t the best skate day for either of us. I turned to my friend and asked him if he wanted to climb the school, the usual for when we get bored, and he replied with “sure”. 

We rode up the small road, that’s covered in bits of gravel, until we reached the back of the school. We threw our boards against a brick wall, and I hopped onto one of the rectangular garbage cans that was built into the concrete ground. I dived onto the side of the school and clutched the cold metal that protected the gutters. My friend followed swiftly behind me. Once we’d both made it up, we climbed around till we had found a nice spot to lay down and converse. 

Hands behind my head, I started to get drowsy and my eyes were slowly closing. I was uncomfortable, but I still almost fell asleep. Until I was hit with a jab of adrenaline when I saw blinding red and blue flash lights making their way up the road and turning into the school entrance. We shot up and ran down the roof to get as close to the ground as possible and took a leap of faith. On impact I rolled, and we ran to retrieve our skateboards. We were on the opposing side of the school to the cops so 

we had time to run up a flight of stairs and bombed a hill to make our escape. I followed the narrow road guided by street lights till I made it to a nearby park. My friend needed to take a different route to get back home and he split up. I sprinted down the narrow gravel path and ran through the empty park as street lights flickered behind me as if I were being tailed by a ghost. I hopped the fence and quietly opened the door to my house. The light from my phone blinds me in my dark room as I read all 10 texts sent from my friend. He talked about seeing the cops on the way home and taking a longer route to be safe. In the end we made it home unscathed and with an exciting story. 




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