Get the Szechuan Sauce Morty

Going to Szechuan with my family is one of the most rewarding feelings out there to me. Any time I have the opportunity to I will go without a second thought. I often go with my Mom and my little brother, Santos, as a reward for an achievement we have accomplished recently. It’s the best feeling ever to be invited there because it’s a given that you’ve done something well. The inviting aroma on the interior of the restaurant that greets you when the glass door comes flying open is literal perfection. We enter the restaurant and are instantly met by a waiter that will soon lead us to a big, round table that’s covered in cloth. We sit down on the wooden chairs, covered in soft yellow pillows to mask the hard feeling of wood, and look at the menus that were just given to us. It’s extremely clear and easy to read under the bright lanterns that hang from the roof. Often, we will try something new as we are just experimenting with the tastes of the Chinese food and getting to learn the pretty affordable menu. The waiter walks by slowly with miso soup and cups of tea and gently places them on the table, alongside a bright red menu. I scan through the pictures as I come across something that is very appealing to the eye; it looks good. The waiter comes back around and I order chow Mein, and sweet and sour chicken. I always get those but, today I feel like trying something new. I order spicy tan-tan noodles and wait impatiently for the waiter to arrive with my food. It finally comes. I can feel the steam brush by my face, warm on my cheeks, as the waiter reaches by me to put it on my table to be quickly devoured. I pick it up and give it a blow to help make sure it’s cool before taking my first bite. It’s very hot, spicy to be honest. I always eat it slowly and need to refill the massive colorful cups of water to help cool down my tongue that’s in pain from all the spice that bleeds from the sauce soaked noodle. After finishing our deliciously spicy food, we leave the facility to head home. As soon as we get home my mom always takes a long nap or goes to bed early because she is so full, and I don’t blame her! Overall the reason I love going there is because of the great memories and the proud feeling of being rewarded for my actions. But that doesn’t undermine how delicious and savory the food is there.

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