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I am the Chondrocyte cell. I help to create and take care of the cartilaginous matrix in your cartilage. If you look into your cartilage connective tissue, I am the only cell that you will find. If you want to know what I look like ill give you a description. I am round, small and protected with a wall of cytoplasm around me. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the dark nuclei at my center! The more of me you have in your cartilage, the bendier it will be. My name in the language “lacunae” you will figure out that it means lake in Latin, and in a way that’s exactly what I am! I can be found all alone, or in clusters with a bunch of my friends. If I’m in a group, its safe to assume I was just divided. Anyways there isn’t much to say about me, I have an important job because without me there wouldn’t be cartilage. This means your bones would cause friction against each other and that would be horrible!

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