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Core Competencies Self Assessment:



Describe how the artifact you selected shows your strengths & growth in specific core competencies. The prompt questions on the left – or other self-assessment activities you may have done – may guide your reflection process.



How do you show that you are listening thoughtfully?

I show that I listen thoughtfully, from giving answers, working with piers, and being used to show class examples when needed.

What listening skills do you use to enhance your learning?

The listening skills I use to enhance my learning are that, I will share my opinion with others, help and work with others, and also share my answers and opinions with the class.


Social Responsibility:

How do you use words and actions to encourage other students who might be feeling a bit sad or discouraged?

When others are feeling sad or discouraged, I am sure to help them, comfort, talk to them, or am include them in the conversation that I am having.


Positive and Personal Cultural Identity:

What are your strengths as a learner and how do you learn best?

Some of my strengths as a learner, are that, I ask questions or help my piers when they need it, or they will help me when I need it, and I learn best from visual explanations, and through explanation of what I am learning.


Personal Awareness and Responsibility:

What do you do to help yourself when you are feeling a bit discouraged about your work?

When I am feeling discourage in my work, I will ask friends if they understood what we learned, or if they could help explain it to me. I will also ask the teacher for help, if I am not completely understanding what we are learning