February 20th 2020 archive

Pre-Calc 12 – Core Competency Reflection –

Core Competency Reflection:
How had this unit impacted your creative and critical thinking and communication skills?

This past unit has had a constructive impact on both my creative and critical skills in both my thinking and communicating. Throughout the unit, I encountered many obstacles and challenges, and was forced through this to put my critical and creative thinking into action. When confronted by a challenge, I would first begin by breaking down the question that was troubling me, to a simpler form. If that did not work, I would then refer to previously taken notes. However, if neither of these options worked, it was then that I would communicate my confusion to a pier, or teacher. This would usually result in an explanation to my question, although it would sometimes require a deeper exploration into the subject as well as some creativity in solving the problem from both parties. While math itself teaches one the different functions of numbers, and the laws that go with them, it also teaches life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication, which was ultimately demonstrated to me throughout the past unit.