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Technology Paragraph

Do you think that we are too reliant on technology?
As humans we are constantly striving for technological advancement, however our need of technology has grown substantially throughout the past decade. Through many literary works, such as, The Great Automatic Grammatizor by Roald Dahl, it has been thought that humans are much too reliant on technology, and will become more and more reliant in the future. Young people are the most susceptible to this problem, as they are introduced to and raised with technology; never being able to experience what life is without it. NBC News did a study, that showed that, “teenagers spend an average of six hours and forty minutes a day on their cellphones” alone. This will only continue to develop into a bigger dependency into the future, and the amount of time spent on technology will increase. As a society, we are creating a need for technology in our everyday lives, and this consummation ultimately creates a greater desire for technological advancements.