November 20th 2018 archive

Pre-Calc 11 – Week 12 –

This week in Pre-Calc, I didn’t understand how to solve quadratic systems of equations algebraically. As I was going through the notes trying to understand how to do it, I practiced a question, following all the directions, and got the wrong answer. I tried every possible correction to try and get it right, but I just couldln’t seem to do it. I re-read over the question and through my steps, checking the steps in the notes to make sure that the order was right, only to realise, that I forgot to carry down a negative symbole on one of the numbers in the equation. I would like to take a moment to remind myself how important it is to revise your work as you are solving an equation, to be sure that you did not make any mistakes that could be fixed, like this one, and to pay attention to the little details and to what you are doing in an equation. Today, I will be explainning how to solve a linear equation algebraically.

First, you put the first equation into the second equation (where the “y” is in the second equation, since the first equation is equal to “y”). After you have done this, you simplify the equation, first by foiling the equation, and then by making it equal to zero. After you have done this, you factor the equation. Once you have the factor of the equation, you are able to put those points into the the first equation where “x” was. After you have put both points into the first equation (seperatly), you now have the second points for both numbers. Your first point will be the first number you got from factoring the equation, and the first nunber you got from putting that number as “x” into the first equation. The same will be for your second point of the equation.