Pre-Calc 11 – Week 11 –

This week in Pre-Calc, I have been trying very hard to understand the conecpts we have been learning. However, there are a few different things that I will explain.

First, when you are solving a linear equation, you want to isolate for “x”, and when it is a quadratic equation you want to isolate for “y”. To solve a linear equation, the first step is to seperate the numbers from the numbers with variables (“x”). After you have put both numbers on the other side of the less than or greater than sign, you find what the answer is to both of the numbers on the other side. Once you have done this, you divide both sides of the equation by the number in front of the variable. Once you have done this, you have the point or points that you will use. After, you put the point or points on a number line, and choose two ( one point) or three (two points) test points to determine which way works for the equation. If you are solving a quadratic equation, you could first find the factors for the equation, and write (x  + 3) (x – 2). Once you have done this, you take the first number from the original equation, and would divide both numbers in the brackets by this number. Once you have done this, you take the answer that you get from dividing and flip the symbols of both numbers and use these as the points for the number line. Once you have put them on a number line, you choose three test points, and you can determine this way which parts of the number line work for the equation.

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