September 24th 2018 archive

Pre-Clac 11 – Week 3 –

This week, I decided I would do my math late at night. Now, I have learned that this is not the best idea. I wanted to get it done and out of the way, however my plans doing it where quickly stopped when I came across a mistake that I made and my brain decided to not work.

After reviewing the question many times I couldn’t find an answer, so I decided to skip it and try it again the next day. Upon seeing it the next day after rest, and my brain working, I realised that the mistake was a simple subtraction mistake in the beginning of the question that threw off the rest of the question. I think this is why it is important to pay attention to your work in the beginning of the question (and throughout the rest of it). I also think it is important to do your math when your brain is working and ready to learn, because this way you are not only less likley to make mistakes, but also are able to learn more from your work and remember how the math works.