Pre-Calc 11 – Week 2 –

This week in pre-calc I learned an important lesson. This has less to do about a particular math problem, or how to solve something, than it is about a question. I think that this is very important for everyone to know. In the past, I have been afraid of asking for help, or questions to teachers when I don’t fully understand something, and wil let it slide, thinking, “I’ll figure it out on my own, and solve it later.” But, I never do really figure out or understand the question, and I let go long enough for the question to become 4 units behind, and to have myself even more confused. I think that this is where I am my own enemy.

So, this week, I didn’t understand some questions, and instead of convicing myself that I would seem stupid, and be judged, and decided to persevire through my stresses, and go get help sooner than later. In doing this, my questions where well explained, I was then able to find the right answer, I felt not stupid at all- the opposite, really, as I had gained more knowledge on how to do the comcept. So, that is why this week, I have no pictures of a specific problem and how I solved it, but rather advice: we judge ourselves much more than others do, and because of this we loose more than gaining what we think will be respect due to a lack of change in judgement from the person we get help from. I hope this helps someone who had the same problem I did, and get the help that they may need.

My mistake this week was a pretty simple lesson to learn, but easy to confuse:

I simply thought I had to multiply the formula used for this question, when I actualyl had to addition this. This is why it is always important to know your formulas and to review your work and ask for help.

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