Pre-Calc 11 – Week 1 –

As I was going through the workbook questions for this weekend, I went through all of them learning the methods better as I went. When I started correcting my questions, I came across this answer and didn’t understand why i got it wrong. I thought of many different things that I could have done wrong, but still couldn’t understand why. Then I noticed, that I had made the simplest mistake, and instead of multiplying, I added.

“For each arithmetic series, determine the indicated value.”

I simply didn’t multiply the brackets for 1 + 41(2.5), but I added them instead!

I quickly fixed my error by going re-doing the question – this time being sure to multiply, instead of add! I finished the question, realizing how simple my mistake was to correct.

I will sometimes not correct questions if I cannot figure out what I did wrong, and wait until I can ask someone for help, but I realise now, that if you give yourself enough time to go through the question, and not stress over it too much, you are able to better understand how to do the question (in this case to better understand arethmetic sequences). You are able to leave your studying feeling good about yourself – one of the most important things, so you are motivated to do more, because you realise that you can do it.

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