English Honours 10 – Creative Writing –


A Fracture Of Light
First Chapter Of A Book
Olivia Harvey
5 / 28 / 2018
English Honors 10 Block A



I’ve lived everyday of my life in the exact same way. Wake up, eat, train, learn my schooling, sleep, and never go past the barrier. The barrier has been in our town since I was five. We never needed it before, but after the incident happened, a big black wall the height of two skyscrapers, known as the barrier by town folk, was built to protect us from them. My parents say that it was an attack, not an accident, that we should have expected it to happen, and that I almost died that day. I’ve asked my parents who did it and what happened, but the only information I’ve managed to collect is that they are called Migorgs, humans with powers, that’s all I know, as no one speaks of what happened, they instead quietly fear it. A somber grey shadow now looms over my town, and storm clouds who never rain have decided to make our sky their permanent home. I was too young to be able to remember a time when it was any different. There’s a feeling of uneasiness within the people, some awaiting another attack, others fearing the last, while the rest try to hunt what hurt us. We are schooled daily, being taught to train to protect our town, preparing for another attack. Our trainer Smiths, a strict forty year old man, who is beginning to wrinkle, says he doesn’t know when it will occur, but is sure it will happen again. I’ve always been good at training, better then most, Smiths says I’m the strongest fighter in the school. It’s always been easy for me, natural, like my brain has already learned the steps of every move. I never really thought about it, until two months and seven days ago. That was the day he found me, the day he took me.
The bell rang as I shut my locker. I moved through a crowd of people, and headed back to training. Mr. Smiths greeted me at the door, “Hello, Miss Waters,” he said, his voice cracking, from yelling I imagined.
I smiled replying, “Hello,” back.
I moved into the middle of the room, and began stretching. I was the first one to get to training, but not long after, a boy came in.
“Hello Mr. Davids, welcome to training, I hope you’ll like it here.” Said Smiths.
I turned looking to see who it was, new people never came here, he nodded and smiled at Smiths, his soft brown hair moving as he nodded, and blue eyes smiling along with his mouth. He went across the room from me, also beginning to stretch. I contemplated talking to him, but decided against it. Soon the rest of the class had poured in. We began our training as usual, I sat and watched, Smiths used me as an example, and I would fight last. Except, today I was off, I was distracted.
“Miss Waters?” I heard. “Miss Waters, would you care to join us?” I looked up embarrassed, to Smiths, waiting impatiently for me at the front of the class, his forehead beginning to wrinkle.
“Sorry,” I responded, getting up and running to the front of the room. There where some laughs from the class, and my cheeks began to heat up.
“Don’t let it happen again.” Smiths sternly told me.
I nodded. I pulled up my fists, ready to fight. Smiths threw a punch at me and I blocked it. He threw another and I blocked it again. It felt effortless and natural. Soon, I almost had him on the ground. He got up from the blue foam mats, and turned to the class.
“This was very good,” he began. “I expect you all to be putting in your best efforts, or else you will not succeed in your training, and by doing that you are putting lives in danger.” His words where firm.
I looked at the new boy, he shook his head, smiling. “Why would he think that is funny?” I thought.
“Now,” Smiths continued, “Are there any questions about today?” He looked around the room. “Ah, yes!” Smiths suddenly exclaimed. “I’d like you all to welcome our newest student, Juke Davids.” He gestured his arm out towards him, the class turning to look.
He waved in response.
“You may leave now.” Smiths said, waving everyone out of the class.
I began to leave the class, as Smiths said, “Good work today.”
“Thank you.” I replied.
I left the class, Juke Davids just behind me.
I turned. “Hey.” I said. “I’m Casi.”
“Hi.” He said looking at me. “I’m Juke.”
“Where are you from?” I asked, curious of how someone ended up here. He looked nervous. I waited, feeling intrusive I quickly added, “Sorry, I didn’t mean –“
“Your fighting is pretty good.” He interrupted.
“Thanks,” I said, “How come you didn’t go?” I asked. He looked like he was thinking, his dark eyebrows moved closer towards his eyes.
“Guess I have to learn the moves before I can do them.” He replied.
“Right.” I said, walking away.
My walk home was quiet, like most of the town. I couldn’t help but wonder about Juke, where did he come from, and why would he come here? I decided not to think about it too much, I couldn’t get distracted, my training was too important anyway. I looked up, staring at the barrier around me. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like without it, the world surrounding me, instead of a wall. I wanted to know what was behind it, who the Migorgs really where and why we where so afraid of them, I wanted to know what really happened. I turned my next corner, deciding to take a short cut down an alley instead of walking all the way around; I felt tired from training today. I turned the dark corner, and began to make my way down. Suddenly, I saw a tall figure standing in the middle of it. I approached the silhouette, and began to make out a face. I instinctively made a fist against my side. Until the light hit their face enough for me to see it –
“Juke?” I asked. “What are you doing here? Do you need help with directions, because I could show you-“
He began to mumble some words under his breath, and raised his hand to my forehead. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t move. I was stuck. I suddenly felt myself fall, hitting blackness. I woke up, my eyes blinking, trying to adjust to the light. I pushed myself, sitting up against my hands, and I looked around. The air was cool but sweet and slow, I squinted, my eyes focusing on a field of green. The blades of grass covered my knees, a patch of yellow flowers stood on my left. I stood up, looking around myself. The sky was blue like the oceans I’ve heard of, the sun was warming, and embracing, I walked, running my hand through the blades of grass, I bent to touch the colorful flowers that lived together, they where soft and delicate. I stood up, to suddenly see a sea of trees in front of me, that had not been there before. I walked towards it, wondering where it came from. As I approached the forest, the sky began to darken, and the trees grew taller and darker as I neared. I stepped within it, feeling lost, I turned to go back, but there where hundreds of trees behind me now, it had grown. From a distance, I suddenly heard my name being called. I grew tense, my knees beginning to buckle, it began to grow cooler. I turned to see an old lady standing behind me. She had long white hair, wore a pink knitted poncho, and stood watching me. She seemed kind. I looked at her in wonderment, the heavy forest trees surrounded us. I tried to speak, but was unable to. She just stood there silently watching me. I suddenly saw a carving on a tree, stepping to it, I read it closely. “Juke Moxcas was here”, it read. I turned in disbelief to the old lady, but she was gone. Afraid, I turned to stare into the black pit of the forest, and did the only thing I knew how to, run.
I gasped for air, waking up, my eyes blinking trying to stop their watering. My heart was beating out of my chest, and my pulse was racing through my body. I looked around, my eyes stopping their watering. I didn’t know where I was, I began to get up, as I caught my breath.
“You’ll be fine dear,” a voice said from behind me.
I spun around, looking to see who it was. It was an old lady, wearing a pink poncho. Long white hair sat on her shoulders.
“Rest, you’ll understand what needs to be understood soon. There is time.” She spoke with certainty. “My name is Delia.”
I laid back down, but it didn’t feel like a choice, like my body instinctively knew to do this. I heard the old lady arise, and walk out of the room.
I sat up, loopy. I wondered how much time had passed, I blinked, looking around, trying to understand what was going on. I rose to my feet, feeling wobbly. I was hungry, I felt although I hadn’t eaten in years. I looked around, an unusual light lit the room. I heard a sudden knock at the door, I braced myself, only to fall back onto the bed. It slowly opened, and a tall figure emerged from it: Juke.
“What did you do to me?” I demanded. It felt nice to be able to speak again.
“It will all be explained, I promise.” He responded. “Come with me.” He said.
“Why should I?” I asked. “Just so you can attack me again?”
“I didn’t attack you. Don’t make me feel worse about it then I already do.” He said, uncomfortably rubbing the back of his neck.
I thought about his words for a moment.
“Besides,” he said, “you need to eat.”
I was hungry, “Fine.” I said. “But only because I’m about to die of loss of food.” Maybe I’d figure out where I am.
I got up, and I slowly followed him out of the room that I was in, and down a set of stairs. I grabbed the railing, my knees shaking under the pressure of my body. I felt so weak. We came down to a dinning room to our right. I was so large. There where probably twelve people sitting there, all adults. I looked at the right end, seeing Delia, the old lady who had been in my dream and in my room afterwards. She looked distracted, not noticing us, all of them did. The air in the room carried a concerned tone. I couldn’t help but wondering if it was because of me. We came to the bottom of the stairs, and Juke suddenly cleared his throat, grabbing the attention of everyone sitting at the table. I felt lost again. A man sitting on the right end of the table near Delia stood.
“I’m sure there are lots of questions you have, Casi. I am Stren. Your questions will all be answered in time, as I imagine you are very hungry, so please join us and eat. All will be explained.” He gestured to a chair on his left.
I looked to Juke, and he nodded. Delia smiled as I approached, Juke following me. He sat in the chair next to mine, he was my only glimmer of reality. I looked down to see that there had already been a plate of food made for me. Bacon, eggs, toast, fruit and pancakes sat on it. I looked around to find that I was the only one eating.
“Please,” Stren gestured to my plate, telling me to eat.
I nodded. The food was incredibly flavorful, everything tasted like it was cooked to perfection. I wanted to ask who made it, but I was so hungry I couldn’t stop eating to get a word in. After I had finished my plate, I felt much better, sitting back feeling full. I looked around the room, and noticed what I hadn’t before, there was a large black beaded chandelier with twelve spots for candles that sparkled on the ceiling above us, the table being incredibly large, was also made of a thick, dark wood, with detailed carvings on it. I traced my hand over it and felt it’s smoothness. I looked back up, to notice that my plate had disappeared, I couldn’t tell if someone had taken it away during my distraction, or if it had vanished on it’s own. I also noticed the silence that surrounded me, coming back to my senses and looking around myself, embarrassed that I had forgotten other’s where here, I became tense again, as I remembered where I was.
“Well,” Delia began, “I supposed now that you’ve eaten, we can begin.”
“Begin what?” I asked. I looked around to try and find an answer from someone, but no one would tell me.
Everyone suddenly joined hands, and Juke gestured with his that I do the same, so I did.
“Juke.” Stren said.
Juke nodded in response. He began to say something under his breath, I tried to understand it, but I couldn’t make it out. The room began to shake, paintings that hung on the wall fell to the ground, the table shook beneath my hands, and the chandelier swung as though it was being thrown back and fourth. I frantically looked around the room, no one seemed to flinch, I tried to get up, and let go of their hands, but I couldn’t move. I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping it would end. To my surprise, it suddenly did. We let go of our hands.
“Something’s not right.” Juke suddenly said.
Stren sighed. “Just as I expected,” he begun.
“We have to tell her, it’s the only way.” Delia began.
“We can’t.” Said Stren.
“Please, just tell me what is happening?” I said desperately. I looked down the table at the other nine people who sat, they where silent.
Stren rose saying, “We will try again tomorrow. Let me decide what is best to do in that time.” He walked out of the room.
Delia watched him leave, sighing. She looked to me and gave a forgiving smile.
“Come on.” Juke leaned over and said to me.
I got up, and followed him out. I followed him out of the dinning room, passing the stairs, through a room filled with books, chairs, and a fireplace within the wall. He turned a corner and opened a door. He gestured for me to go first.
“We can talk here.” He said as I past him.
I walked in between two short narrow walls, into a bedroom.
“Is this yours?” I asked.
He nodded. I looked around, the walls where cream white, and he had a bed in the middle with deep red sheets, a side table on each side hold piles of books, and a chair against the far wall. I sat on the edge of his bed. He sat with me. There was silence for a moment.
“I’m sorry for what I had to do.” He said. “You have to understand it wasn’t my choice.” His face held concern, his blue eyes narrowing while he looked at me.
I thought for a moment. “It’s not your fault.” I said, “They sent you, right? Who are they?”
“My family,” he replied, “You met Delia, she is my grandmother, and Stren is my father. The rest are more distant relatives. We lost so many in the attack.” He said.
I wanted to ask him a million questions about the attack, and what had just happened, and where I was. But I couldn’t bring myself to it. I felt so weak around him.
“There’s just so much you don’t understand yet.” He said, looking to the ground.
“I know.” I replied with a tone of sadness.
He looked at me. “There are unseen forces that cannot be spoken about.” He said, a serious look falling upon his face.
I took a breath trying to understand what was to come. I grabbed his hand.



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