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Human Condition – Miserable America –


In Miserable America by Kevin Abstract, we see many different examples of the human condition. In the beginning of the video, we are introduced to a white man. This man is portrayed as Kevin’s captor, who is holding him hostage. I believe that this man represents white America’s judgments and feelings towards gay people and minorities. This is a very good example of how society can create prejudgments towards people who are regarded as “different”. In the song, there are many lyrics that represent this idea of society, one of them being: “Well we all love Young Thug”. Though, this lyric slightly changes the idea of what society’s views are. Young Thug is a famous musician that dresses in women’s clothing and is loved by many people. This shows how society can perceive their judgements differently to minorities who are famous (who hold more power), than to minorities who are regular people. Also, the lyric: “Miserable America assassinate my character” is talking about how society’s judgments as well as media can break someone’s personality. In the end of the video, we see Kevin dancing and the women that where dancing around Kevin now drinking in celebration, as one of them shot the white man. Shooting the white man shows through pursuing our own beliefs and not following others, we can achieve our own goals; in this case it was defeating society’s expectations and judgments of what we should be. When we stand up to stereotypes it can lead to acceptance and freedom.