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English Honours 9 – Mini Inquiry Poem –





Our problems are not as large as they seem.

But yet, they seem to us to be.

As time goes on,

On problems expand,

Someone always wanting to become the

Master of our land.

Just yet so, they could only become

The momentary masters of a fraction

Of a dot.

We strive to see change in our company,

But yet we change not our minds

Of becoming masters in time.

Yet, we are challenged by this point of pale light

We are in truth much like our earth,

Only but, a lonely speck in the great

Never ending,  

Enveloping cosmic dark.

We believe that we each will succeed,

In time.

Being governed by idiots who planted

These seeds in minds.

Needing to grow in time,

Killing the beautiful flower in exchange

To become rather,

Greater and composed of more power.

Yet how will we become something

When there will be nothing left to rule,

But only the tools used

To destroy what was once a vision

Of your own utopia.

But is no longer that, as we are

Destroying our land,

Not solely by polluting our carless


But by our deadly ambitions and aspirations.

No one stops (stopped) to hear the music.

Always being right comes with a price.

A price of that which is low of cost,

As it is only a life.


The poem “Rationale”, by Olivia Harvey, is a poem that addresses the inquiry question “Why do we only focus on the tangible or the material in our culture?”. In the poem, Olivia is comparing a success or form of power, as a tangible item, as it can be measured. Throughout the poem, Olivia discusses how we are not just polluting our earth through physical objects, but also by our hurtful opinions and ideas that we expose to society, in turn, killing our world by our social hierarchy. This is also one of the reasons why Olivia expresses the human need to feel power and valued in her poem, as our society’s hierarchy of measuring importance of ideas, is only heard when we feel that the person who is speaking is of enough importance to listen, epically when the person is speaking their ideas, tells the audience that they too will become of the same importance as them, although it is usually not true. Olivia’s poem ties together important ideas that our society is facing through the main idea of our environment and hubris kind of thinking in our society. In Olivia’s poem, she expresses through the video the challenges our world faces, as we live in a first world country, and generally stay to this way of thinking, whereas those who live in a third world country face different difficulties and may not think as this as one of their priorities.

Here is the Video I choose to use to go with my Mini Inquiry English Poem.