First Peoples Principales of Learning – Science 9 –

First Peoples principales of learning, inlude many valuable lessons to students, that cannot be taught through a PowerPoint presentation, nor through tests. It is a concept that can be applied within projects, such as working together, wanting to learn more deeply into a subject, or finishing your work to the best of your abilities.

  The first peoples principales of learning incoorperate patience, respect as well as curiosity into thier teachings. These are very important lessons for students to developpe, since these are things that they will carry with them throught the rest of thier educational carriers, and even throught our jobs. These are not only important things to be able to incooperate to learning, but also within social aspects.

We have already applied this into many of our projects, for example the SSEP project. This project involved patience, respect and curiosity. Patience, took place in finding out how an idea would work. Respect, was present in accepting everyone’s ideas, and curiosity in finding out what our project would need to be able to do to work.

  If we are able to incoorperate these lessons to students from when they first start learning, it will be something that we will be able to subcontionsly prefrom. Which will in turn create better learners.

Our Engeneering Brightness project has the same uses within the principales of learning, as the SSEP project did, although, they were different tasks that required different principles. For example, we needed to decide whether we wanted to fundraise, or create a flashlight, which would require respect of everyones opinion. We had to choose a type of light we wanted to create, which requires patience to decide and inquire. We had to design the flashlight, which took curiosity to find out more of how designs would work, be built, and how to work them.

So, with every assignment we work on, we apply the principles of learning, as the teacher incoorperates this, to be incoorperated into the assignment. Whether it is figuring out how to do something on our own, or finding the answer to a question on our own, or really even working together in groups, as for the sociable espect, putting everything together, with the principales, the social aspects, the teachers teachings, and the work, we are able to work as our best selfs, be our best selfs, and reach our full potential to being not only independant learners but, independant people.

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