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COL Science App Review

Mis understanding a concept in science can be really tough, and not having the opportunity to get help for the subject that you are having trouble with is even worse. Being able to ask questions, while having, easy access to every topic that you could want to better comprehend in science, are key things for the app to have to better help your comprehension.
Creating an app that is easy to access and use, has in depth explanation to help your further understanding, and going into a more one on one feel, with videos, drawings, and easy to understand explanations.
An app that would attempt to solve this problem would be Khan Academy. It goes over every subject, has in depth explanation videos, practice quiz’s, drawings, and much more. This app not only provides what feels like a one on one explanation for science, but covers every topic in science for every grade, so anything you want to know or would have questions about, it would be in that app.
This app was very good for help. It shows everything in a order from the beginning of a lesson to the end of one, going from the beginning of what we learned to what we finished on and more. It shows atoms, models, the periodic table, compounds and so much more. This app showed a flawless program that ran very smoothly, although you do need wifi to run it since there are videos. And for each video there is, there is also a quiz, to see if you understood what went on in the video. In the app, there is also a point system where as you watch videos and take quiz’s, you can gain more points as you use the app, if you make an account, although you can still fully use the website without an account as creating, an account is no cost.
When you first open the app, you come to a page with many different subjects, and you can pick whichever one you want help with, and it will take you to a page of different categories within that subject. You can pick whichever one you want (for me it was chemistry), and then that page will take you to the page of everything in that category in every grade, in the order that you would learn it in, in school, so it will still make sense. Under every category, you can start wherever you want, and then start from clicking a video that you want to have help with and go on as you need help.

Émission #1 – Les Critiques Sympatiques? – Jack And Jill

logoyo_v2-1Les Critiques Sympathiques? – Jack And Jill

Est ce que vous avez jamais vus un film qui était si horrible que vous n’avez pas même su quoi dire? On donne nos pensez a propos de filmes qui on pas réussi de nous impressioner.

Nous sommes les critiques sympathiques


Émission #1 – Le Film Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill recevait une note bas de 3% selon Rotten Tomatoes. On trouve si ça vraiment vaut 3%, ou si ce film doit avoir une note different.