Under a magnificent moonlight, the crows caw a creaky call into the shadows. Such a shrill noise resonating in time with the thunder that throttled the trees with a thud. […]

Everything I know about FRACTIONS :D

Here are different ways to use fractions in math, starting with basic operations. Multiplying Fractions * Reduce answer to lowest terms if applicable Dividing Fractions * Reduce answer to lowest […]

Out of all the stories we listened to, I feel like Jennifer’s story was the most notable to me. Unlike the other jobs, her job as a pizza maker seems […]

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My laptop is where I express myself I talk to my friends about my feelings It’s where I talk about my mental health When I talk to them, I feel […]

By the end of the 12th grade (graduation), I want to be able to confidently draw nature landscape backgrounds. I will carefully study and review paintings made by other artists […]