[Blog] 5 ways to cope with a Borderline splitting episode… Written by an actual BPD patient!

Heyo! My name’s James. I’m in grade 12, and I’m a little wonky in the head. That’s not a bad thing, though! Sometimes… I have Borderline Personality Disorder, a mood disorder about a shaky rollercoaster of emotions and a black-and-white viewpoint.

I’ll be real, this is pretty hard to deal with, but I got some cool tips to help with general coping, even for things like anxiety.

  1. A mistake is NOT the end of the world!
    Yep, even starting off this one’s hard for me to believe when I’m in a bad mood. You could drop a glass of water or something, even just say something you feel is a little wrong and then suddenly you’re crying over it. I’ve been there lots! Getting over the anxiety (and eventual regret of the situation) is a bit hard, but telling yourself that its OKAY to make mistakes is a good comfort.
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  2. Nobody has anything against you.
    It’s so easy to feel like, when you’re in the midst of an episode, people around you are wanting to see you cry, or be hurt, or maybe they’re doing nothing to help you. The truth is far from that, sometimes people don’t really know how to help others, and that’s okay. Those that you’re around care about you deeply and just want to know how to help. Reassuring this to yourself every day is helpful.
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  3. You are in control
    Yeah! You’re in control, alright! Sometimes even I forget this and feel like my emotions and fears are taking me over, but then I just take them by the horns and say “Hey! Things aren’t all that bad. I can sit down, see my hands, breathe and all that good stuff!” Think of it as driving a car. You can get in the driver’s seat and drive all out of control and in a panic, OR you could wait a little bit, calm down then drive normally. Being mindful of your behavior is important.Man Driving Car Free Stock Photo - ISO Republic

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