Staying Safe at Work

Out of all the stories we listened to, I feel like Jennifer’s story was the most notable to me. Unlike the other jobs, her job as a pizza maker seems like a more entry-level looking job rather than working at a mill, or with something like a forklift (a much more complicated piece of equipment). I feel as if this one resonates with me because it seems to be something more plausible for me to do as a job (this is more of a personal reason, but I think that’s the point). Not to be negative towards myself, but if I had not known about the video we watched as a class, the mistake of not shutting off the machine is something I maybe probably would have done (of course, now I know why its important to do so). For things I’d do to keep myself safe at work, the first thing I would do is, if I’m unsure about what I’m tasked to do, is to ask questions even though I’m typically not one to do that because I’m afraid of judgement. What I’d do next is review and check over what machine I’m using, making sure it’s in working order before I turn it on so nothing goes wrong while it’s on and I’m working with it. The 3rd thing I would do is, if I’m working with a machine and something does go wrong and I’m unsure on how to fix it, I could ask a co-worker who’s more experienced to help me with the problem instead of trying to fix it myself (as an inexperienced worker). As for things I’d do for other people, I would first be very cautious of them and keep my eye on them. Being ignorant to what’s going on around me is dangerous, and I would feel absolutely terrible if I were to ignore people around me because that’s just mean, especially if something were to go wrong and I wouldn’t be paying attention to it (Personally, I’d live with the guilt of being ignorant for the rest of my life like I do now!). The second thing I would do is to check up on co-workers who look like they’re having trouble (and don’t want to ask for help). I wouldn’t do this all the time, as I always fear that I will be seen as annoying. If I know how to handle that problem then I’d help them solve it, if not, then I’d go get a higher-up co-worker who knows about the problem.

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