Oliver’s Goals

By the end of the 12th grade (graduation), I want to be able to confidently draw nature landscape backgrounds. I will carefully study and review paintings made by other artists and find resources online to study and learn from. If I were to struggle with drawing or if I felt not confident in my abilities, I’d ask my brother for help as he is a more experienced artist than I am. When I feel down or start to lose momentum in drawing (procrastination, maybe), I’d make sure to take breaks away from drawing or ask my friends about my drawing. 

This is an open-ended goal, however a good time to shoot for is graduation. I’d like to improve my ability to focus on school/my teachers more than I can. I will make the effort to give my full attention to what is being said to me by a teacher. When I start to lose focus, I would like my teachers to remind me to stay on track more often than they already do. When I notice that I begin to lose focus, I will try my best to put my distractors away on my own before I am notified by a teacher. 

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