Sci. 10 Wonder Project

Alrighty, my question for the project was “What is space?”, It sounds like a big question and I honestly thought that it wouldn’t have a true answer like some questions when it comes to space and astrology. In reality, though, it was kind of simple. Go under the read more bar to find out what I researched.

So, like I said, my initial question was ‘what is space’, it kind of evolved into a similar question, ‘what is space made of’. When you think about the generic answer of “it’s a vacuum”, it seems a little bland, like the rest of the question was just unanswered.

What I discovered was something simple, really. The majority of space, but not all of it, is made of a group of things called interstellar medium, or ISM, ISM takes up the “empty” space between planets and stars. ISM is comprised of ‘raw’ materials leftover from stars, more specifically it contains hydrogen, helium and microscopic grains of ice, carbon and iron. Although ISM is typically much too thin to be seen by the human eye by itself, ISM can be densely clumped together, becoming visibly coloured, we call these giant clumps nebulae, or just a nebula. Alternatively, ISM may be able to be pulled together by gravity, heating up and becoming full-on stars (if they happen to be dense enough, unlike a nebula which is much less dense than a star).

To answer my own question in a more general way, I had taken a look at what the entirety of space is, in more of a non-literal sense. I figured that my question being answered in a literal sense was leaning towards “What’s in space”, instead of “What is space”, the two questions can be answered quite similarly. As for a real answer though, space is described to be in four dimensions, consisting of three space dimensions, and one time dimension. This is called spacetime. Spacetime is typically visualized like the image below.

Unfortunately, I do not know what spacetime is made of specifically. Here is a decent demonstration video of how spacetime seems to work (in conjunction with gravity)

That’s really all I’ve gathered (or at least what’s worthwhile to read).

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