Rube Goldberg Project

Our Rube Goldberg machine was made to achieve the task of pouring breakfast cereal in a bowl.

I drew a picture demonstrating the marbles moving throughout the course.

I also took a picture of the machine we had built, and labeled the eight different steps that made our machine complete its task.

A – this is the step where we drop the marble on the left side of the machine into the toilet paper roll, using gravitational energy, the marble is led into a hole on our bridge which then drops the marble into an inclined toy cart.

B – this step involves the marble on the right side of the machine, it is dropped through gravitational energy and is falling through a hole on the bridge and lands into an inclined plane that spits it onto step C.

C – this step is a wheel and axle and it acts to allow the marble to land on a ramp situated just below.

D – the marble on the left hand side of the machine courses through the ramp and with gravitational energy, it will land into the cup, this will release sound energy as the marble is heard landing inside of the plastic cup.

E – the marble on the right hand side will fall into the cup thus releasing sound energy.

F – once the green cup has been filled with enough marbles to trigger the mass, a string that runs along the course will end by another cup (purple) which sits on a lever along with a box of cereal.

G – the bowl is situated in an area where cereal will be poured once the lever is triggered.

H – once the lever is triggered through mass, the purple cup will rise and the greeen cup will drop given its weight, allowing the box of cereal to topple over and pour into the cereal bowl.

we used kinetic, potential gravitational, sound and mechanical energy.

Kinetic – the energy that was displayed inside of the movement of the marbles throughout the course once they were dropped into the machine.

Potential Gravitational – this energy was displayed at the beginning of the course when the marbles were awaiting their dropping, it is also displayed in the cereal box that was waiting to essentially be dropped from the lever as the cup flew up.

Mechanical – this is energy of an action and our machine displayed moving marbles and levers being pulled with weight.

Sound – energy displayed through the sound of marbles entering the cup and moving about the general course, as well as the cereal being poured into the bowl.

A video to demonstrate a working machine…

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