Desmos Graphing Task.

How did you figure out what equations to use?

Well most of them I remembered from our lessons and some that I was unsure about, I just referred to the white boards list for. I also had to do some online research to find some of the shapes, such as the oval.

Did you have any challenges?

Yes, I still have not figured out how to shade in my pupils, and I also would have liked to use some more colour variety like brown for my hair and eyes. I am not sure if that colour was an option but regardless, I didnt know how to access it if it was.

Any aha moments?

When I figured out how to move the pupil into my eye perfectly.

Did you get help?

Yes, Ms. McArthur helped me to cut off the excess hair that the equation gave me. One of my classmates also helped me to make my eyes.

Did you use any strategies?

I realized that changing signs from positive to negative can make the shape go to either the right or the left, that’s how I made my eyes line up evenly.

What did this assignment help you understand about functions, relations and their graphs?

I understand better now, that there is a vast amount of different types and shapes of functions that are possible to use.

The process:

I wanted to start with the largest shapes I was going to be using like the head and the hair because my hair is quite long. I then moved onto the biggest to smalles detail, so I did my smile and my nose and the eyes took my a lot longer than the rest of the face did. The nose actually was entirely an accident because I was playing around trying to make eyes, and somehow that happened but I still think it turned out pretty good. I spent about half an hour trying to figure out my eyes until I gave up and asked for help, although the pupils I figured out on my own so I was quite proud of that. The colouring and shading I just couldn’t figure out how to do so I tried watching YouTube videos but they didn’t really help and I decided to just colour everything black so at least it wasnt so random and it might actually look like a drawing.


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