“When i walk along with two others, from at least one i will be able to learn” – Confucius.

This quote depicts i think, the theme of this post and how we learn kindness from one another, your bound to learn something excellent, you just have to meet the right people. Most of my life my parents have instilled in me that the smallest differences make people happy in the most meaningful ways, which is why I’ve been taught to smile and hold the door open and respect others. For my RAC i chose to do 3 different acts, these are things i do on a regular basis so i figured they would be best to write about.

6) Say “please” and “thank – you” and be sincere about it.

3) Hold a door open for someone and smile.

4) Take a stand for someone who is being wrongly treated or bullied.

For this reflection i decided to choose one that i think has most affect on people and their own happiness, so i am choosing to write about the 4th one. Where i work with, we have to spend lots of time with young children who are still trying to figure out how to build healthy friendships with one another, and its quite apparent that sometimes children are not the nicest people when it comes to teasing and bullying. I was instructing for a birthday party and a little boy in the group was making some mildly racist remarks about two Korean girls also in the party. The boy seemed embarrassed about his lacking skills in climbing and his behaviour was a reflection of the emotions he was feeling. Although he wasnt provoked, he continued to bully and i had to step in and ask him to go to time out where he was able to cool down and come back with a positive attitude, and i tried explaining to the little girls that there is absolutely nothing wrong with their country and heritage and its nothing to be shameful about, they gave me a hug and enjoyed the rest of the party.

What did you notice about the people who benefited from the RAC?

I noticed that all in all, everyone was happy at the end, the little boy was put in a more focused environment where we worked to help him gain confidence for the wall and the two little girls were encouraged and welcomed for their individualities.

What did you notice about yourself?

I felt like i had grown up a little, because i took it upon myself to tell two little girls that there’s nothing wrong with being an immigrant and that yes racism is apparent in our society but negative emotions always have a reason and its not necessarily the little boys fault, he may have had a bad day. I felt like i made a small bit of difference for the little girls.

How did performing a RAC contribute to your personal awareness and responsibility?

I realized that little jokes can make a big difference for some people, and its so unnecessary. I also became more aware of having to keep an eye on how the children i get at work treat each other, to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

Did you enjoy this RAC? Would you change it, if so, how?

I dont think there’s anything i would like to change about it, but i did enjoy the RAC.

How did it contribute to your leadership skills?

Parents entrust us to keep their children safe inside of an extremely dangerous environment, and sometimes their physical safety is not the only thing to consider. Sometimes children get picked on and unfortunately this happens a lot. So for me to be able to install some good morals in a child and reassure others of their importance, means a lot to me.

Did you notice it ‘catching on’ with others?

I assume this refers to noticing others attempt the same RAC and definitely, all the time we must resolve childrens issues and sometimes its harder than other times, but we do our best to keep everyone safe and happy.


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  1. Odett, thank-you for your introspective piece of writing. It is evident you have a great ability to show compassion, empathy and forgiveness.

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