Journal Entries

Journal Response 1, Ch. 1 – 8:

“He ain’t company, Cal, he’s just a Cunningham-” – Scout pg.13, This phrase is from the scene where Calpurnia pulls Scout aside during dinner to correct her behavior when she confronted Cunningham for using too much molasses on his dinner meal. I found that this quote portrayed the sort of acerbic speech Scout has and her hostility towards others. The way that she looks down upon others and doesn’t have much interest in filtering her words or perhaps attempting a more bombast manner of speaking. It seems even if Scout tried to be kind or remorseful, it would only appear as affectations.

Much of her behaviour is feasibly caused by her absent mother and the tragedy that went along with that, but also the lack of support from her father. Atticus has lots of work and the little time he does spend with his children is always something educational such as reading which Scout was more only punished for in school, which can blur her idea of her father wanting the best for her. Atticus doesn’t show much interest in quality time as a family or support in their interests, although at this point in the story we haven’t been exposed to much of their individual personalities. I think many people during those times were narrow minded and neutral with the raising of children, their paths were clear and as long as everyone was doing what they were supposed to then that’s all that mattered. It also seems perplexing that Scout refers to her father as Atticus rather than ‘dad’ or even ‘father’, she must not feel too attached and close to him.

In conclusion, I believe that at least for the beginning of this novel, Scout remains hostile and insensitive more than she should be, especially at her age.

Journal Response 2, Ch. 9 – 10:

“-Jem said I had to grow up some time.” – Scout pg,54, this quote quite efficiently defines the amount of influence Jem holds over Scout. In previous chapters, we may note that Jem often tells Scout to ‘stop acting like a girl’, this typical slur always makes Scout think and regret her actions that led to the comment from Jem. Scout is almost embarrassed to act like a woman and like I said in my last response, in their time the vast majority of the human population were narrow minded, this could indicate that one of the most well-known stereotypes of women was that they are weaker than men. Scout must have picked up on that and ultimately this supports the narrow-minded theme in this story.

Undoubtedly many women felt weaker and better restricted than the men, and Scout being hostile and sometimes quite baleful, must have picked up on what was happening around her. Scout seems like a strong main character, gutsy and sometimes fairly immature at making decisions, which is evident in many cases but overall should not be restricted for her gender. In this quote however we should address the matter of growing up at hand, Scout must have been deeply affected by his words and felt put down due to his suggestion, although I didn’t intend that to be the main focus of this response.

In conclusion, Scout greatly takes Jem`s words into consideration and its not always for the better.

Journal Response #4 ch. 22 – 27:

“I was exhilarated. So many things had happened so fast I felt it would take years to sort them out-“ – Scout pg. 110, this phrase depicts how much Scout has grown as an individual during the trial, this was a scene from right after they left the court house. I liked this one in particular because it really dissects and analyzes the way that Scout changed her mind about people other than her, from being hostile and unfriendly to actually showing emotions and very strong ones at that towards others misfortunes.

Scot should be commended for her newfound growth from this trial, this I think really exhausts the theme of having children grow up very fast once they’ve witnessed the harsh reality that they weren’t otherwise exposed to. Its an important thing to realize, seeing right before your eyes the cruelty and insincere sympathy that black people were shown. Scout has grown so much and continues to grow as the trial goes on, and although she will experience suffering emotionally as she will be disappointed, she will gain respect for her father. For Atticus that will come as a great relief when Scout begins to appreciate and be more affectionate most likely as a result from his bravery during these tough times. It just goes to show that even the smallest person can make a stark difference.

In conclusion I hope that Scout continues to grow and change and develop into a fine young woman, she`ll make Calpurnia proud.


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