Staying Safe at Work

Three things I will do to stay safe at work are to make sure I get sufficient training to learn how to do my job properly and safely no matter what the job is, I will not accept unsafe work especially without training or supervision because with the stories we looked at they were left unsupervised and that was when they got injured. I will also ask questions to my employer during training and later on and/or ask for help whenever I need it, plus make sure that I report every injury no matter how small.¬†Two things I will do to keep others safe in the workplace are to make sure that they have supervision and are checked on regularly, and show them how to do their job correctly and safely and make sure they go through the correct training. The story that stood out to me the most was definitely the one we heard about in class with Mark. His story about working a late night without anyone near him started out sort of boring because I thought that he was just going to talk about normal safety in the workplace and laws, rights etc. But when he got to his own story it got much more interesting and scary. He didn’t turn off the machine before he went to shovel wood chips, he accidentally dropped some of them between two conveyor belts and used his left hand to try and grab them. His arm got caught in the conveyor belt and wrapped back around him, completely breaking and paralyzing his arm. He waited for hours bleeding out and dying before he was rushed to hospital. The whole story stood out to me mostly because of how traumatizing it was. I put myself in his shoes and it was awful, I can’t truly imagine what it was like. I don’t know if he meant to start out like a boring presentation and end it with a bang, but if he did, it was very smart and got our attention.