Pill Degradability

Define: In our groups, we tested the speed of which pills dissolve in a mixture of heated water and vinegar. The pills we used were as follows: Motrin, Aspirin, Advil, Life pill, and Tylenol.

Discover: Questions asked and answered were; what pill will dissolve the fastest, and which would dissolve the slowest. The answers to these questions were that the Aspirin dissolved the fastest of all the pills and that the Advil resulted in dissolving the slowest.

Deliver:                 We discovered how these pills would dissolve and what speeds they dissolve at

Debrief: The process me and my group went through to complete and examine the pills dissolving was difficult because of the amount of time we had to do it. Even though the class is over an hour long, there were times where we had to wait for supplies and equipment, which resulted in us having to cut the dissolving timer short by 2 minutes. Ways the process could have improved are that we could have planned out the time we had a little better than how we did.