proportional reasoning review : Finding a missing length

Part 1: 


Part 2:

What characteristics make shapes similar?

  1. identify the angles and lengths of all sides.
  2. compare lengths by dividing corresponding lengths to find the scale factor
  3. if the quotient of all equations are the same then that’s one way to prove that they are similar.
  4. the second way is to compare all angles.
  5. find all the angles of the shape and compare them with the angles of the other shape.
  6. if all angles are the same, they are similar.

Rational Numbers Review Post

$latex\frac{3}{7} \add \frac{1}{3} \div \frac{-1}{7} $ – $latex \frac{-1}{9}$

$latex\frac{16}{21} \div \frac{-9}{63} $ – $latex \frac{-7}{63}$

$latex\frac{16}{21} \div \frac{-16}{63}$

$latex\frac {-9}{3}=$



Yelllow = positive

blue = negative