Innovation review

2) Personal responsibility skill:

The evidence I have that demonstrates that I can persevere with challenging tasks is when we were building the circuit for our invention.  The challenging part was which type of circuit we were going to decide to build and how we can make one function turn off while another function is still on.  I think my group did a good job dealing with that challenge since it was more interactive.

The evidence for Implement, monitor and adjust a plan & assess the results was from the leadership.  I think I could think quickly by creating a short PowerPoint for our presentation and shortly after I assessed how the presentation went with our group.

The evidence for take ownership of my goals, learning & behaviour was from my leadership.  I think I was stressed often about this project and it reflected onto my partners from time to time.  I am happy of what I accomplished, but my ability to adapt and work with others still needs adjusting.

3) In my opinion, my groups collaboration could’ve been a lot more better.  Most of the time my partners were unable to complete an assigned task on time leading to one person rushing to complete it.  Our critical thinking could’ve been way better, expanding and creating more ideas and problems would’ve helped.  Putting in more effort into the presentation like being more enthusiastic and speaking to the audience and not the screen would’ve amped up the presentation.  The highlight of our collaboration was I think when we constructed the circuit.  It seemed that everyone was trying to help and solve problems.  I think the reasoning for this is that the problem was visual and physical so that was an advantage.

4) I liked the fact that we had almost complete freedom to create whatever we wanted.  There was no limit and I would love to have more projects like this.  The one thing I would change is the group aspect.  Most of the time when there’s four people in a group at least one person doesn’t complete the assigned tasks and that leads to frustration, so I would have made it an individual project.  I learned to be very patient because everyone learns at a different pace and to choose your group wisely with people you think that you can work well with.