Innovation project four D’s

Science project: refrigerator that tells you EVERYTHING about each product

A fridge that tells you the nutritional statistics, recipes, when something has expired, give you recipes etc. all controlled by a smartphone like device attached to the fridge.

Define: The problem is that a lot of people throw away used and sometimes unused food products because they either forget about it, leave it at the back of their fridge or it was expired.  Another problem is that people are unaware about the nutritional facts of the product and don’t know if it’s really heathy for them.  These problems can be solved by creating a “smart” fridge that tells you when something is expired, it can tell you the nutritional facts just by scanning it, and it could tell you recipes you could make using that product.  This device will look like an iPhone for a fridge and it will use electricity from a rechargeable ion battery.

Discover: this problem has been addressed previously by Samsung.  They named their fridge “the Family Hub fridge”.  It has an enormous screen on the front side of the fridge that has many features.  It has 3 built in cameras, reminders, clocks, music etc. its basically a smart phone on a fridge.  You can access everything on an app.  The one downfall is that it can’t provide any information about the products in the fridge itself.  There’s no way of telling if a product has expired and there’s no nutritional guide to help you make the right decisions. They focused so much on the entertainment part that they forgot all about of what a fridge is.


–          We can create a scanning system to keep track of every food product and when it’s expired or about to expire.

–          Make a fridge that’s specially designed so you can see every single food product so you don’t forget about it.

–          Create an app that allows you to see your fridge when you’re shopping.

Deliver: for the actual device, itself it will use a series circuit.  Since mostly every smart device has a power switch, it would make sense to use a series circuit since the device will run depending on if it’s on or off.  Also, it will have an Ion battery so it will need to be charged, in that case a series circuit is good since we need a power source(charger) to power the device from one circuit.  The electricity would mostly flow when the device is being charged through the battery.  We could also make a built-in battery that runs through the fridge to power the device.

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  1. Thanks for explaining your “smart fridge” idea. It would be great to see how this automation would work in real life. A picture of your schematic would be helpful as well as some links to where you found your research. I am excited to see how far you get with your innovation.

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