Killed without Hesitation

Innocent man mistaken for thief shot down by police officer. In the short story “Identities” by W.D. Valgardson an unshaven man, nervous while in an unfamiliar part of town notices a girl along with Three men. The girl is better looking than she should be compared to her companions captures his eye. Distracted by realizing he has not texted his wife his whereabouts he doesn’t notice the police car following him from the shadows. He hides his wallet in his pocket and slips a ten-dollar bill into his pocket in fear he may get questioned and robbed. When approached by the police officer with a pistol in hand the unshaven man feels a sense of relief. Ordered to halt due to the unshaven man matching a description of a thief in the neighbourhood, certain he is safe he reaches into his pocket to get his identity when the officer shoots the man. In 2006 when this short story was published Montreal was the violent and crime capital in Canada. Was this death justified? The police officer approached without ordering the man matching the description of a potentially dangerous man to put his hands in the air instead the police officer “orders him to halt” (Valgardson 5) before he reached into his pocket to grab his ID. Not only did he not order with clear instruction the officer, “who is inexperienced… nervous because of the neighbourhood” (Valgardson 5) he is clearly unexperienced for the location he is assigned to. The officer and his vehicle “concealed in the shadows… nose out and follow him” (Valgardson 5) should have had enough time to properly identify whether the unshaven man was an innocent man or a thief. Although the man seemed to have fit the description of the thief in the neighbourhood, his death caused by the officer was not justified for acting against the man. He was inexperienced and nervous which limits clinical thinking in times of need.


Capital Punishment within the short story, ‘Two Fishermen’

Capital Punishment within the short story, ‘Two Fishermen’

               Capital Punishment is the legality of killing someone for a crime. One of the earliest executions recorded in Canadian history was a man named Peter Cartcel, he was a sailor in Halifax and killed a man and was tried before Halifax’s governor and 6 councilors. He was found guilty and hanged just days later. Before Canada joined confederation, hundreds of criminal offences like murder, treason, and rape were punishable by death. Up until the death penalty was abolished in 1976, murder remained a capital crime. Capital Punishment was replaced with a mandatory life sentence. Although, Capital Punishment did stay in the Canadian national defence act only for the most serious military offences like treason and mutiny. In 1987 the capital punishment was put into motion to be reinstated but was turned down on a free vote. In 1988 the capital punishment was completely abolished in Canada. Years later in 2001 Canadian supreme court agreed to abolish the death penalty except for the most extreme cases with U.S. help.

If Two Fisherman were to take place in Canada the plot would have been just about the same as it taking place in America. Because the short story ‘Two Fisherman’ by Morley Callaghan took place around the 1960’s and the capital punishment in Canada began in 1865 and wasn’t removed until 1976, the criminals would have still received the same punishment. If the short story had taken place in 1976 or later the criminals would have received a life sentence in jail rather than the death penalty.

Thomas Delaney was sentenced the death penalty for punching another man to death after finding out he had molested his wife. The public in this story believed Thomas did not deserve to be put on death row. I too believe Thomas should have been exempt of capital punishment. Women cannot always defend themselves from men as they are often bigger and stronger. Thomas Delaney made an impulse decision and murdered the man out of anger and love for his wife, protecting her from a man cruel enough to molest a woman. He could have gone around killing the man but maybe knocking him out or beating him up and leave the justice system to prove him guilty, but trials don’t always work out in favour of the victims. Having immense rage in your mind and acting out of anger possibly not being able to control himself at the time resulted in the man’s death. Thomas Delaney was no mass murderer but only had killed a single man. The Sanity Delaney has, shows he has the ability not to harm people out of his own enjoyment but sticks up for what he feels is right. Thomas Delany is no free man and is in fact guilty, but I do not believe he deserved capital punishment. Thomas is guilty of a crime and should be serving time in jail alive. The public understood the circumstances of Delaney’s actions and reasons behind the murder yet still believed he shouldn’t have received the death penalty.

Thomas Delaney should have been exempt of the capital punishment law and instead received a jail sentence. A not so innocent man should not be killed for defending a woman, wife or daughter from harm inflicted by a male, especially when they are not able to defend themselves.

I chose this picture becauseI do not agree with the death penalty and personally feel there is better punishments a person can receive like living with the guilt, isolated and alone in jail. Capital Punishment is an easy way out for those who deserve to live with their actions.

Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe Review

Food and You

Cosmic is right!

Posted by Natalie Gane


Sophie’s Cosmic Café is popular restaurant in Vancouver with its bright and funky furniture and vintage décor.  The fun and retro atmosphere draws crowds and long lines for breakfast and brunch.  The brunch rush is mainly on weekends and holidays although it is also common on weekdays. The best part about the lunch rush is they never have you waiting around too long nor do they rush you out with the bill, they let you go at your own pace.  The electric pink booths are comfortable, and the service was very friendly and accommodating!  The servers had coffee and water hot and cold, constantly circulated the restaurant to quench thirst.


Food portions were very generous and delicious.  You can never go wrong with Sophie’s Thick French Toast, perfectly battered bread, panfryed till its crunchy on the outside and remains soft on the inside with fresh fruit and sweet yogurt replacing whipped cream is one of my go to favourites.   The cosmic B.L.T is another fan favourite, crunchy bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, mayo and homemade guacamole with an added fried egg on your choice of bread is a flavour sensation in your mouth.  It perfectly exemplifies sweet and savoury, the B.L.T is a very natural balance of nutrients and a healthy option as well.  Juices from the tomato’s and bacon grease drips from the sandwich leaving your fingers a greasy mess but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to take every time.  The Eggs Mexicana is a more savoury breakfast choice containing scrambled eggs mixed with sautéed bell peppers, onions and ground Italian sausage.  The vegetables still sizzling when arrives and the sausage leaves your tongue tingling.  A little spicy but if you like spice you can always ask for hot sauce that comes in a giant, wine like bottle.


The prices range from $9.99 with the 3-egg omelette, all the way up to $17.99 with Sophie’s Steak & Eggs. This could sound very cheap or sound a little expensive depending on your budget, but the portions are a great size, especially for big eaters. The portion size is almost guaranteed to have you leaving some food left over whether it’s a lot or just some left over hash browns. My Favourites are all about $12.99. The French toast comes with 6, inch thick triangle slices. Which prove to be very filling.  The B.L.T is a tiered sandwich so big you almost can’t fit your mouth around it.


Every wall is covered in pictures, lunchboxes, dolls and other vintage souvenirs that could be wall mounted. They even have a wall dedicated to Elvis with my childhood idol Marilyn Monroe. Each wall decoration is unique to the restaurant and some even to Vancouver.

Math 10 Reflection

Some things things I think I should have done better are definitely the blog posts.. I think doing those on time would have been probably better for grading but at the same time doing everything towards the end I think helped me study for my final.

Another thing I should have done better was my time management as I have little free time as it is, I used my free time for my English homework and neglected my math cause my English teacher handed out loads of homework like is a university course.

Some critical units were definitely the last unit we did and probably exponents as I found exponents were a harder unit and often come up in other units. Also saying I thought trig and the numbers unit were probably the easiest.

Another thing I wish I did better was my studying for tests I didn’t really think to much or prepare myself but I wish I had studied more. I didn’t as many questions but I wish I asked more questions when I found something difficult cause that may have helped my in the future.

And I wish I had more peers in my class so I could have studied with friends and asked questions. But definitely asking a teacher for specific questions would be a good thing to do. I tend to work better with people I’m comfortable with and on my own isolating myself from everyone.

Week #13 Domain & Range

This week we learned about domain and range. In the beginning I didn’t really know what to do with inputs and outputs but when we got deeper into the lesson and did more examples I started to get it a little more. Abide by the BEDMAS rule when solving a function, you also replace the variable with the number given for the (x) value.

Domain: the independent(input) variable in the relation.

Range: the set of all numbers for the dependent(output) variable in the relation.

Function: a special realtion where every input(x) has only one output(y).

Function Notation:



Week #12 Relations and Functions

To find the X intercept you make Y equal to 0. Essentially you want to isolate X in order to find what it is equal to. When finding the Y intercept it is nearly the same thing except you replace X with 0 in order to isolate Y to find what it is equal to.

When you write the X intercept in ordered pair form you but the X value first followed by Y (which should be 0).

ie:            (-4, 0)

Same with if you’re writing out the Y intercept in ordered pair form, you put the Value as 0 and plug in the Y value.

ie:               (0, 13)

When you have these two points you can begin to place them on a graph.

Week #11 Mid Term Review – Distributive Property

I chose to go over the distributive property because I forgot about this unit when going over the review package as well as the numbers unit. In distributive property you multiply the constant by the contents inside the brackets. Make sure your work is neat and tidy so you don’t get lost in bigger equations. I like to colour coordinate my terms so Its easier for me to decipher which terms I can group and which I cannot.