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Cosmic is right!

Posted by Natalie Gane


Sophie’s Cosmic Café is popular restaurant in Vancouver with its bright and funky furniture and vintage décor.  The fun and retro atmosphere draws crowds and long lines for breakfast and brunch.  The brunch rush is mainly on weekends and holidays although it is also common on weekdays. The best part about the lunch rush is they never have you waiting around too long nor do they rush you out with the bill, they let you go at your own pace.  The electric pink booths are comfortable, and the service was very friendly and accommodating!  The servers had coffee and water hot and cold, constantly circulated the restaurant to quench thirst.


Food portions were very generous and delicious.  You can never go wrong with Sophie’s Thick French Toast, perfectly battered bread, panfryed till its crunchy on the outside and remains soft on the inside with fresh fruit and sweet yogurt replacing whipped cream is one of my go to favourites.   The cosmic B.L.T is another fan favourite, crunchy bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, mayo and homemade guacamole with an added fried egg on your choice of bread is a flavour sensation in your mouth.  It perfectly exemplifies sweet and savoury, the B.L.T is a very natural balance of nutrients and a healthy option as well.  Juices from the tomato’s and bacon grease drips from the sandwich leaving your fingers a greasy mess but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to take every time.  The Eggs Mexicana is a more savoury breakfast choice containing scrambled eggs mixed with sautéed bell peppers, onions and ground Italian sausage.  The vegetables still sizzling when arrives and the sausage leaves your tongue tingling.  A little spicy but if you like spice you can always ask for hot sauce that comes in a giant, wine like bottle.


The prices range from $9.99 with the 3-egg omelette, all the way up to $17.99 with Sophie’s Steak & Eggs. This could sound very cheap or sound a little expensive depending on your budget, but the portions are a great size, especially for big eaters. The portion size is almost guaranteed to have you leaving some food left over whether it’s a lot or just some left over hash browns. My Favourites are all about $12.99. The French toast comes with 6, inch thick triangle slices. Which prove to be very filling.  The B.L.T is a tiered sandwich so big you almost can’t fit your mouth around it.


Every wall is covered in pictures, lunchboxes, dolls and other vintage souvenirs that could be wall mounted. They even have a wall dedicated to Elvis with my childhood idol Marilyn Monroe. Each wall decoration is unique to the restaurant and some even to Vancouver.

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