Math 10 Reflection

Some things things I think I should have done better are definitely the blog posts.. I think doing those on time would have been probably better for grading but at the same time doing everything towards the end I think helped me study for my final.

Another thing I should have done better was my time management as I have little free time as it is, I used my free time for my English homework and neglected my math cause my English teacher handed out loads of homework like is a university course.

Some critical units were definitely the last unit we did and probably exponents as I found exponents were a harder unit and often come up in other units. Also saying I thought trig and the numbers unit were probably the easiest.

Another thing I wish I did better was my studying for tests I didn’t really think to much or prepare myself but I wish I had studied more. I didn’t as many questions but I wish I asked more questions when I found something difficult cause that may have helped my in the future.

And I wish I had more peers in my class so I could have studied with friends and asked questions. But definitely¬†asking a teacher for specific questions would be a good thing to do. I tend to work better with people I’m comfortable with and on my own isolating myself from everyone.

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