Mutation Story

I would research about the mutation first, then questions like Was a gene added or taken away to form this mutation? What effects does this mutation have on my body? How does this mutation affect my body or mind? Will this mutation effect my whole life? Are there ways to correct this mutation?

I would search up maybe YouTube videos about this mutation or find a book in the library about it if there was one, search on science websites, and ask a teacher what they know about it. I would start asking questions about it and reading about the disease first to give myself a better understanding of the mutation then research questions and put them into a project.

When verifying a site I would see if its a trusted site like a science site rather than Wikipedia cause anyone can change that information, if a teacher talked to me about it and told me their knowledge I would take notes of it then search up everything to make sure the information I’ve been given is true.

the process of this project wasn’t too good considering I didn’t even do this project so things I could do better would be finishing the project with a good mount of information¬†but if I finished it I could have maybe added more information, asked more questions and put visuals into this project.

One thought on “Mutation Story

  1. Thank you for completing this. I appreciate you going through this process despite not having a mutation to research. I hope that you can use the process of Information Fluency on projects in the future.

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