Science Edible DNA

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In this activity we learned what DNA is, DNA ¬†stands for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. All living things have DNA in there systems. DNA looks like a twisted ladder, it is knows as the double helix. The two sides are the backbones and each step is a base. In this model. ¬†We used marshmallows, licorice and toothpicks. The marshmallows represented bases, the licorice showed backbones and the toothpicks were the bond between the bases and the backbones. The green marshmallow showed guanine (G), the yellow is adenine (A), the pink is cytosine (C) and the orange is thymine (T). This lab improved our knowledge of DNA because it provided a visual image that we could also manipulate. Constructing the DNA model step by step helped us understand each part of the double helix and why everything has a specific order and how it’s all needed.

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  1. I appreciate how you were able to display the work that you did to make a model of DNA plus share how it helped you understand the concept. The pictures really help me see the complimentary pairing!

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