Expanding universe

The dots on the balloon represent the galaxies in the universe and the balloon the universe and how when the big bang happened it created matter and energy and everything. When we slowly blew air into the balloon in three stages each time the balloon got bigger it showed how the universe is expanding. Each dot represented a galaxy and each galaxy moved farther and farther away the more we blew into the balloon when the balloon was barely inflated the points C and D were at C(12cm) and D(15cm) from M when it was barely inflated the trend of movement was everything we inflated the balloon the each time the dots would move farther apart from each other. Some stretched farther than others. This lab was a great visual of how our universe is currently expanding. All the galaxy’s are slowly distancing themselves from each other. Knowing that If I blow up a balloon too much it will explode and relating it to the universe if it expanded to much it may die out or something, but balloons sometimes deflate so maybe it would just expand and reduce in size again

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