Science App Review

My app helps you understand what elements create new elements and teaches you by you experimenting and making stuff on your own cause I believe you start of with earth fire and water And with those elements you create more and more and eventually you can create live and objects with metals and it was fun to play when I was competing with my friends to get all the possible elements you can make

how does this relate to science?

your using elements to relate to science

how does this help you in science?

This app helps you find out what certain elements can make

How much does this app cost? 

This app is free!

what devices is this available on?

It’s available on both android and apple devices

what is the suggested age?

The app suggests when you play your 12+

What is the basics of the app?

So you start off with three elements fire,earth, and water. And you mix those elements to create more

How would you describe this app?

you explore with simple elements and create new elements by mixing the elements you have

is this app fun to play as you learn?

when I played this game I thought it was fun because me and my friends were competitive and were challenged into who got them all the quickest


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